Old Delhi Street Photography Walk For Mike Janis

This street photography walk was arranged for Mr Mike Janis on a rainy afternoon on 21 Sep 2019. It started raining heavily soon after we started and it’s effect on the city and it’s inhabitants is visible in the pictures. We covered a number of streets with old houses and and specialised markets like those […]

Street Photography Tour Of Old Delhi for Mr Bob Costall

Following photographs were shot by Mr Robert R Costall during his street photography tour of Old Delhi with us on 22 Nov 2018. We walked through some markets and streets in Old Delhi and took photographs of people, streets and shops. For more pictures by Mr Costall, check this link: https://costallcreations.smugmug.com/Outside-Canada/India/ Review from Tripadvisor: “Old Delhi […]

A food tasting and photo walk. 5 March 2018

We arranged this walk combining food tasting and photography for 5th March 2018 for Adrian Henggeler Johnny, Kayleigh Whitfield. Johnny and Kayleigh stayed with us for around 4 hours in Old Delhi tasting local food and taking pictures. While we moved to New Delhi with Adrian to cover some more sights and food tasting in […]

A street in Old Delhi

A photo walk in Old Delhi with Lars. 25 Feb 2018

All the photographs posted in this post except the last three were taken and shared by Lars. He took a private photo walk in Old Delhi  on 25th Feb 2018. This was his second trip to Old Delhi and he wanted to take the kind of pictures which he couldn’t do by himself or in […]

Photo Walk With Food Tasting 23 Feb 2018

Anne James and Patricia Walmsley  from UK asked for a photo walk with some street food tasting on 23 Feb. We had another guest Caroline Goheen,  joining this walk. So this photo walk with food tasting ended up having 3 participants.  We tasted 14-15 different Indian street food dishes like kachori, samosa, lassi and walked through […]

A Private Photo Tour in Old Delhi for 4 guests

This private photo tour in Old Delhi was arranged for 2 couples Bob, Lorraine and Tony, May . Bob and Tony were the ones taking photographs while May and Lorraine joined in for walking with them and just enjoying the sights and activities on the streets. It was a busy day. made even more interesting and […]