India Photo Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1:What kind of camera should I carry for these photography tours ?
A: Normal city tours of duration of a day or few hours can be done with almost any camera, even a reasonably good phone camera works quite well. But with tours like wild life photography, night photography and similar others, it’s better to have a DSLRs. Equipment is not everything, but it certainly makes a noticeable difference.
Q 2: I’m an expert photographer and know how to use my camera quite well.  What services you can provide me ?
A: For day tours like photo tours of markets,  city photo walks or similar, you can utilise the experience and knowledge of our guides regarding the various sights and places of interest to a photographer. For these short tours as well as those with longer duration , we take care of all logistics leaving you free to focus on your photography..
Q 3: I am just a beginner with little experience. What photo tours are best for me ?
A: We’ll suggest short day tours like street photography or monuments photography  rather than longer tours if you have limited amount of time as well as experience. Tours of longer duration are useful if you are willing to learn on the field rather than a class.
Q 4: I am more interested in someone else take pictures of me and the places I visit. What are my options ?
A: Just contact us and we will arrange a professional photographer who can travel with you and take pictures according to your needs.
Q 5:  Is it possible to rent photography equipment ?
A: Yes, it is possible to rent cameras, tripods, lenses, flash among other photography gear in certain cities.
Q 6: Can you design a custom tour for me ?
A: Certainly yes. Send us your requirements and we can design an itinerary for you free of cost.
Q 7: What services are included in these photo tours ?
A: Most of our day photo tours include :
  • Transport in air-conditioned cars with pickup and drop from certain zones.
  • Bottled water, snacks. Meals if mentioned.
  • Entry fee for all monuments.
  • Services of a local guide.

For longer duration photo tours, we provide:

  • Accommodation in high quality properties, 4-5 star or equivalent wherever available.
  • All meals mentioned in itinerary.
  • Transport in a car, can or mini-bus depending upon size of group.
  • Tour led by a experienced photography guide.
  • Reviews of photographs by expert photographers.
  • Miscellaneous expenses and taxes like entry fees, toll tax permit fees etc.

Q 8: I have a few other questions.
A: Please contact us via contact form, email at or call +91851084459.