India Photo Tour

A photo walk in Delhi with Sarah Kennedy

A photo walk in Delhi with Sarah Kennedy

This posts contains photographs shared by Sarah Kennedy. She took these pictures while on a photo tour covering Old Delhi and New Delhi.

New Delhi monuments photo tour Sarah Kennedy
Safdarjung’s Tomb in New Delhi


New Delhi photo walk Sarah Kennedy
People eating food in a free kitchen


Photo walk in old city Sarah Kennedy
A crowded street in the old city


I stayed in Delhi for a few days before joining a group that toured northern India. The typical tours have been carefully planned so that there can be no deviation. If you aren’t very interested in the place or event that the tour director takes you, there’s nothing you can do but be bored stiff. With Delhi Photo Tour, it’s very different — it’s all about you. I took tours on two days and found them to be outstanding. My tour guide, Jaidev, often would ask me if I wanted to stay longer or move on to something else. During the entire time I was with him I remained fascinated and interested and never got bored or restless. I can’t say that for the other tours that I went on. I am an amateur photographer with a simple camera but with Jaidev’s guidance I took some marvelous photos.