10 Tips For Successful Street Photography

10 Tips For Successful Street Photography

Street photography at its heart is about documenting everyday life and society from the streets. Street photography can be practiced everywhere and you do not need to travel extensively to capture great shots. Street photography is a candid artform, done without the permission or knowledge of your subject. This does not mean that pictures cannot […]

Talk to people during street photography

17 Travel Photography Tips For Clicking Better Pictures

People often look to souvenirs to remember an amazing trip, we look to beautiful photographs taken by our cameras. Travel photography is like travelling in a time machine, freezing memories from a journey so amazing that you can just look back at it and enjoy it for years. It may also help others find inspiration. Every […]

Six things to know about Mirrorless Cameras

Shopping for a camera? The hype seems to revolve around mirrorless cameras. Should you buy it? This article goes through 6 facts that one must know about mirrorless cameras, which might help you make the decision.  What is a mirrorless camera? As the name suggests, it is a camera that has no mirror. It is […]

Top 10 Photography Lighting Facts You should Know

Top 10 Photography Lighting Facts You should Know And how you can apply them in your photography.

Broader light source gives softer illumination A broader source of light decreases shadows, contrast and suppresses the texture. The narrower the source, harder the light will be. Light from a broad source hits the subject from more directions, which tends to fill in shadows and give even illumination to the scene. This can be used […]